Q. How does Cryotherapy Work?

A. Exposing the body to extremely low temperatures within the cryotherapy chamber alerts your brain to pump more blood to your internal organs which causes vasoconstriction – in layman’s terms this means your blood vessels constrict causing your blood pressure to increase. As you exit the chamber, vasodilation happens which reverses the process by decreasing your blood pressure and increasing blood flow plus oxygen to the body. This effect to the body caused by the sub-zero temperatures aids in clearing toxins, decreasing muscle soreness and increasing endorphins. 

Q. Is cryotherapy dangerous?

A. No. To ensure your safety, we employ the most advanced cryotherapy technology available and a trained technician will accompany you in-room for the duration of your session. Additionally, your head remains above the top of the chamber at all times via an adjustable lift that allows for varying heights – this measure keeps you from breathing in the cooling nitrogen. Lastly, we have oxygen monitors in-room that constantly gauge the oxygen levels and are set to turn off the machine automatically if there’s a drop indicated.

Q. What does cryotherapy feel like?

A. This treatment is completely dry which allows your body to withstand the extremely low temperatures. For some people, a slight pins & needles sensation may occur during the final 20-30 seconds but disappears immediately upon exiting the session. 

Q. shuold i eat/drink before/after?

A. It’s not required, but we recommend being well-hydrated/nourished pre-session, as this can increase tolerance to cold. Post-session we recommend hydrating however eating is completely individual and has no negative or positive effect either way in regard to the benefits of the treatment. 

Q. what do i wear while doing cryotherapy?

A. Clients are required to wear underwear or a bathing suit without metal during the session. Plus, we provide you with speciality socks, gloves and shoes to be worn in-treatment. Additionally, all jewelry must be removed before the session. 

q. How often can i do cryotherapy?

A. Cryotherapy can be safely done once daily, as needed.

Q. is cryo body sculpting permanent?

A. Our body sculpting technology utilizes a series of warm and cold temperatures, with the cold temperatures dropping so low that your fat cells cannot actually survive the conditions we create. Through this process your fat cells crystalize and get cycled out through your lymphatic system in a process called apoptosis. These cells are then eliminated from the body through your urine. Once they are removed, they are removed permanently.

Q. are cryo body sculpting results guaranteed?

A. We guarantee at least 1/2 inch loss per session, however it is possible to lose more depending on how your body processes the treatment.

Q. how many sessions of cryo body sculpting will i need?

A. The amount of sessions you will need depends on your goals and how your body responds to the treatment. We suggest 3-5 sessions on a single body part for best results.

q. how long do i wait between sessions for cryo body sculpting?

A. We recommend a two week period in between sessions to allow your lymphatic system to eliminate the crystalized fat cells from the body.