whole body cryotherapy

What Is Cryotherapy?

Whole-body cryotherapy is the exposure of the body to temperatures colder than negative 200 degrees. While in our cryo chamber, the client is submerged for a maximum of three minutes. After entering the chamber, the client will go into a “fight or flight mode.” This means that the client’s blood will rush towards their core and allow for a boost in metabolic rate. During each three-minute session, a client is estimated to burn between 600 to 800 calories. As the client’s session ends and they exit the chamber, they will have a release of adrenaline and endorphins, which help to reduce pain caused by inflammation, elevate mood, and build immunity.


wellness Benefits

Why Try Cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy helps to relieve those suffering from chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, post-surgery recovery, joint inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


Whole body cryotherapy can help with inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. It also helps improve blood circulation, build collagen, reduce cellulite, and increase metabolism.


pain & Arthritis benefits

Combat Pain & Inflammation


Cryotherapy is the perfect tool used to improve mobility, speed muscle recovery, increase energy, reduce inflammation as well as reduce lactic acid build up.


Cryotherapy can be used to compliment anyone’s daily routine - from athletes to those looking for sore muscle relief. Here at Cryolete, we will help you decrease inflammation, accelerate recovery, and assist with pain. Come before a workout and prepare for a boost in performance, or come after your workout and escalate muscle recovery.