Try Our CRYO2 Bar

Our oxygen bar is equipped with 99% pure O2, which is significantly more than the average amount of oxygen in the air (21%). Clients are provided with disposable cannulas that are inserted in the nose and wired around the ears. This connects to the oxygen, flavored with the aroma of their choice. Our aroma menu is filled with several scents, each with a different purpose. The effects of the oxygen range from calming and soothing to energizing and uplifting. Studies have demonstrated that increased oxygen inhalation can have a positive effect on one’s stress, alertness, headaches, and energy levels.



Infuse With CBD

Unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain THC. This means that while clients will not necessarily receive a high from our CBD-infused oxygen, they will allow themselves to take part in several healing benefits. CBD has several health benefits including but not limited to its antibacterial properties, inhibition of cancer cell growth, promotion of bone growth, pain reduction, anxiety reduction, decreased inflammation, reduction of blood sugar levels, and suppression of muscle spasms and seizures.